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Bad dental habits have their effect on your smile, habits such as smoking, drinking coffee or cola might result discoloured teeth or grey stains, WE USE THE LATEST technology for teeth whitening, regaining you teeth colour and brightness process is safe and effective, we help you regain your old smile & remove the results of years of bad dental habits while ensuring the best quality at the most affordable cost for teeth whitening.

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How it works?

Peroxide is the main component of all teeth whitening products either as carbamide peroxide (CP) or hydrogen peroxide (HP). Peroxide effect is to dissolve the organic stains in the tooth in order to change the colour and results a whitened teeth.

There are three types:

  •  A take-home product.
  •  Over-the-counter (OTC) whitening products.
  •  Over-the-counter teeth whitening toothpastes.

For further information about our alternatives for teeth writhing in Melbourne, feel free to call us today on (03) 9998 2636 or book online for professional and affordable treatment and a dental care specialist will get in touch with you.