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Now you can experience the Speed, Accuracy and Beauty of Same-day Crowns – using CEREC technology!

Detal Crawns Melbourne

Dental crowns can help to improve the appearance and function of your teeth. Traditional crowns are made from a variety of materials, including metal and gold. While they may have worked in the past, today they are considered old fashioned. For one, nobody wants to be seen walking around with a shiny metal tooth – not to mention prominently displaying their dental problems in their smile.

In search of dental restorations that capture the essence of natural beauty, today’s patients demand that their dental crowns be perfectly sculpted and precisely colour-matched so that they blend in seamlessly with the rest of their teeth. And that is what you can expect at Dentist Melbourne Clinic – and much more!

At Dentist Melbourne Clinic, we do not just offer modern non-metal dental crowns that offer better aesthetics with less tooth sensitivity issues. All our ceramic crown restorations – fabricated at our very own CEREC facility – offer exceptional durability, strength and stability.

Using high quality materials, they are able to precisely mimic the natural aesthetics, shape, size and colour of real teeth. Basically, they are virtually indistinguishable from your own natural teeth!

The best part, you won’t have to wait 2 weeks to receive the final permanent crown from a dental lab. With our in-house CEREC technology, we can deliver the entire crowning procedure in one single appointment! That’s right. No temporary crowns necessary. No long waits between dental appointments. That is what we mean by Same-Day Crowns.

Our CEREC dentist at Dentist Melbourne Clinic can deliver your crown within a single dental appointment! Call (03) 9998 2636 to book an appointment or fill up our online booking form to request an appointment today!

What is the CEREC Difference?

Dentist Melbourne Clinic is proud to bring you the latest revolution in dental technology that has redefined the very process of how a dental crown is prepared and delivered.

CEREC (Chairside Economical Restoration of Aesthetic Ceramics) is a computer-aided system that combines 3D software and imaging, CAD/CAM technology and a milling machine to create natural-looking dental restorations with unprecedented speed and precision.

Now available at Dentist Melbourne Clinic, this milestone technology is offered to all our patients looking for a better, smarter and price-efficient way to restore health and beauty to their smile.

Here are just some of the key advantages that CEREC Same-Day Crowns offer:

One appointment is all you need

One of the main complaints of getting a crown done are the hassles involved: Getting a temporary fitted; waiting for a permanent crown to be fabricated at a dental lab; returning for a permanent crown fitting; final adjustments, etc. With CEREC technology, patients no longer need to make multiple trips just to get a crown done.

With our own CEREC facility, we can create your restoration while you are still reclining in our dental chair. That means we can take care of the entire process – from digital impressions to fabrication to final fitting – in just one single appointment.

Look like natural teeth

Our CEREC restoration makes use of homogenous porcelain that results in a more life-like appearance. The ceramic material can mimic the precise shade and translucent quality of natural tooth enamel, with organic looking reflections under different lighting conditions.

Less invasive procedure

When you get a same-day crown fitted, you are also assured of a more comfortable experience. For one, the number of local anaesthetic shots required is reduced, which is especially welcomed by needle-averse patients.

Our digitally obtained impressions are also more comfortable for the patient as opposed to a traditional impression-taking process. Finally, you won’t have to put up with wearing an ill-fitting temporary crown for two weeks while you wait for the final prosthetic to be fabricated at a dental lab.

Preserve more of your healthy tooth structure

Unlike conventional crowning methods – which require extensive shaving down of your healthy tooth structure to accommodate the restoration – the CEREC method employs a more conservative approach to the tooth preparation process. Simply put, the minimally invasive CEREC technique allows patients to preserve more of their healthy tooth structure.

Minimum risk of exposure to bacteria

Since you won’t have to wait 2 weeks for a crown to be made, your prepared tooth need not be exposed to bacteria in the mean time. With in-house CEREC fabrication, we can ensure that there is minimum lag time between the prepared tooth and actual fitting of the permanent restoration. Not only will this improve the patient’s all-round experience, the single appointment procedure reduces the likelihood of infection and post-operative sensitivity.

Biocompatible material

CEREC’s prosthetic materials offer a healthier option simply because they better match the biological composition of your natural tooth structure. You will also experience less teeth sensitivity, irritation or discomfort when your crowned tooth is exposed to extreme temperatures in your mouth (e.g. cold or hot beverages).

Durable and strong

CEREC crowns are known for their durability and strength. Compared to hand-layered or pressed types, CEREC uses milled ceramics that result in a much stronger material. The chemical bonding technique employed by CEREC also increases the strength of the material.

To learn more about how CEREC restorations can benefit you, call Dentist Melbourne Clinic at (03) 9998 2636 or visit